Web Design

Designing for the Web


We believe that the web should be a beautiful place to visit. We aim to create original works that engages on every level.


Surfing the web is an experience, we want to make it as enjoyable as possible through smart minimalistic development & beautiful purposeful designs.


In touch with the current and future design trends, we constantly adopt, adapt and apply new design development techniques.

Some of Our Design Tools

We use every possible tools to deliver the best possible results

Photoshop + Adobe Suite

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After Effects

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Stuffs we love to design

(other than websites)

Photography is not really design per se. However, good photographs illustrate websites beautifully. And as we say : ’A Photograph is worth a thousand words’. Whenever possible, we will create original photographs for your website, social media banner or for any other requirements. We truly believe that the use of stock images is an absolute last resort.
We love infographics. There is an incredible satisfaction to create a visual explanation or presentation which can be understood in a glance and shared with a simple click. The versatility of the infographic is perfect for any use.
Videographics take the visual presentation of an infographic to the next level. We treat all our videographic creations as the next blockbuster.
We create banners for all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & many more. We understand the importance and the cost of promoting on social media platforms, we bring precise attention when creating banners.
The web is dotted with icons, logos, pictograms, favicons,... Their usage is essential to maintain simplicity, clarity and aesthetic whether it's for the web or prints. We are terribly fond of them and love to create them.
Web technology changes all the time and in order to keep up to date and explore, we find it essential to constantly experiment with web applications, ressources,... (Coming Soon: Check out our Sand Pit).

We’d love to discuss your project.