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Everything you always wanted to know about me*. (*But were afraid to ask.)


Thewebpeople.org & its french version are web outlets offering expertise in web design, digital marketing & online business development.


Landed on Earth in 1974, I had the chance to grow up in Annecy though I quickly realized that I was a bit of a globe-trotting animal as I went on to spend some years in sunny California, busy London, groovy Manchester and not so sunny Leeds.

My stint in Los Angeles in the late 90s can be summoned as an interesting attempt to the Hollywood dream which ended into various Production Assistant (fetch-that-coffee), set photographer experiences on B-movie productions all the way to audience testing movie trailers in shopping malls across San Bernardino valley. A first marketing experience...


Having survived Y2K in California, it was time to return to the old continent, more exactly in the very green pastures of Yorkshire (just don't mention the rain). From then on, I undertook to seriously develop my marketing skills and, eventually, the digital aspects of it all. Intellectual evolution or sheer curiosity, not sure which, I found myself learning, developing and sharpening my front-end web development skills... So why look back?

Today, you can find me in Brittany, France.

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